December 16, 2013

Monday Photo Love

Above photo taken and edited by my new sister-in-law, Haylee. Wedding dress by Donna Morgan (style Rachel, color White Lily). Banner hand made by my best friend, Erin. Wedding cake by Cakes by Karol in Key West, Fl.

Charlie and Lola being adorable. 

December 7, 2013

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Wreath Garland

Yay! My first Christmas DIY project. I can't promise this project isn't a little bit tedious, but the overall result is great - so if you have the time, read on!

I knew I wanted to make a Christmas project from the large leftover pack of tissue paper I had purchased before our wedding for creating tassel fringe garland. The garland for the wedding did get made, just not by me; thank goodness for my sister and friends!

So what I came up with was to combine my tissue paper, along with some paper plates, tape, ribbon and voilĂ - tissue paper fringe wreath garland!

Things you'll need:
  • (2) different shades of green tissue paper (I didn't count exactly how much tissue paper I used, but it wasn't all that much - if you're buying individual packs you would only need one per color)
  • (1) shade of red tissue paper - (only one sheet is necessary)
  • (6) small paper plates (6 - 7 in in diameter)
  • Gold ribbon (the length will depend on how much space you want to leave between each wreath when you hang them. I left about a foot in between each.)
  • Scotch tape (I used a lot of tape - more than I assumed I would need when I first started, so maybe have at least a full roll or two on hand)
  • Scissors
  • Patience

Begin by cutting the centers out of the paper plates. I found it easiest to stab the plates in the center with the scissors and then cut out the inside portion. Just be careful not to hurt yourself! Once you have finished, your plates should look like this.

Now you will need to begin cutting up your tissue paper. You could cut it all at once, or like me in steps as I went along. I began by cutting strips of my darker green paper in roughly 2 x 3 inch pieces. Wrap and tape the pieces around the edge of the plate one by one. Make sure to tape them in in the back so you don't see the tape later when it is hanging. Try to over lap the pieces a bit so no plate shows through.

After you are done taping the pieces around your plates they should look like the left image below. Now you will begin to add the fringe pieces that will be eventually create your finished project! If you have run out of your tissue pieces it is time to cut some more. This time though you will need to cut a fringe into them. I did mine by taking little stacks and cutting lines up to about the middle of the sheets. (see below in middle of the wreath on the right)

After you have your fringe pieces ready it's back to taping time. You'll be taping the fringe pieces onto the underside of the wreath, so it folds back over the top as shown below. I wrapped the top of the tissue pieces about 3/4 of an inch over on the back before taping down.

After you are done with your fringe pieces from the above step you wreath should look like the image below on the left. Now it's time to add a second layer of fringe to give your wreath a fuller look when its hanging on the wall.

Start by folding all of your already fringed pieces in towards the center. (See below picture on the right) You are now going to tape fringe pieces on basically backwards from what you did previously. Because I did not want the tape to show, I placed each tissue piece onto a folded piece of tape. Try to get your piece of tissue as close to the inner edge as possible. Continue around the wreath until you have covered the entire area. Keep in mind you will have to overlap pieces so you do not have any gaps.

We're almost done! Next turn your wreath upside down and you are going to tape your lighter shade of tissue paper onto the underside, just like how you did your first layer of fringe. (See below.) I cut these pieces the same size as my other dark green pieces. Your finished wreath then should look like the image below on the right.

Afterwards I added a piece of red fringe to each of the wreaths - it will be taped onto the back like the mint green pieces. I cut the red strips longer (about 5 inches) to give it more of a ribbon-like appearance.

Now it's time to string your wreaths! As I said before, I left about a foot or so in between my wreaths, but you can do whatever you like best. I tied each wreath onto the ribbon in the center, opposite side of my red tassel.

Enjoy your lovely Christmas decoration!!

December 5, 2013

Christmas Photo Shoot

You will come to know I am obsessed with my kittens. I was never a cat person until I got them; I never realized how smart, hilarious and adorable they actually are!

As if they were my children, I requested that we have a photo shoot for a Christmas card to include the entire Thompson family. My lovely wall tree from leftover lights I had bought for our wedding worked out as a perfect backdrop!

Check it out!

December 4, 2013

Just Married!!

I love this picture of us - even though you can imagine squatting on the beach in a wedding dress is not the most comfortable thing! At least everything appears to be covered up okay, if you catch my drift.